Delivered through half-day or full day depending upon the needs of the organisation, whether an introduction or deep dive into a specific target area, our workshops are tailored to the specific requirements of the company's goals.  

Workshops can be conducted on company sites or completely offsite. Workshops can also be delivered through video broadcast which is particularly beneficial to companies with staff located Globally.   

Tailored to meet your specific needs

Each company situation and staff development goal is different. It is vital to tailor our teaching to align to your company and staff needs. This includes and is not limited to:

  • Introduction to wellbeing, benefits and fast action plans to see a quick return 
  • Leadership teams adopting ownership of high performance linked to wellbeing.  
  • Improving staff retention rates through investment in the key asset of the business, the people
  • Promoting staff engagement throughout the organisation by paying attention to real people needs and identifying personal development plans for every individual
  • Delivering sustainable high performance over time, avoiding burn-out and maximising effectiveness of every staff member
  • Growth mindset traits and embedding these into the DNA of a growth organisation 

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Helping individuals on a path to reach their goals both personally and professionally

High Performance Training

Helping teams and companies develop growth mindset essential in creating sustainable and resilient high growth

Wellbeing Training and Academy

We have delivered hundreds of wellbeing workshops to companies and individuals backed up by and academy that helps implement and support individuals towards their own action plans