Developing High Performance For People, Teams and Businesses

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Is your business looking for FAST RESULTS and SUSTAINABLE GROWTH?

For people operating in a rapidly changing, fast moving industry, the personal skills and resources that made them exceptional yesterday may only make them average tomorrow. With increasing innovation and lower barriers to entry, it is essential that companies looking for a competitive edge develop and nurture their very best talent

MBA (Mindset Before Action) are a team of expert coaches, trainers and consultants in high performance and wellbeing

We specialise in working with sales teams operating in the high pressure, fast moving technology environment. We help key team members perform more consistently at their best, with a positive growth mindset, greater self-leadership and resilience. We do this through a range of workshops, courses, an online academy and private coaching program

How we help individuals and companies

Reduced Staff Burnout

Nurturing consistent high performance through implementation of a strategic active recovery model

Supporting Business Aspirations

As company vision and ambition increases, a growth mindset within the team becomes even more important

Higher Staff Engagement

Studies have linked improved staff wellbeing to higher levels of engagement with the business goals

Reduced downtime following setbacks

Improving resilience and perspective means shorter, less marked dips in performance consistency following a setback

Improved staff retention

Reduce the headaches and costs of recruitment through personalised development plans, better opportunities for growth and a sense of being valued

Multi-Channel Learning Environment

For true learning to take place, information needs to CHANGE the way we do things, rather than being filed away as ‘more things that we know… but don’t do’.
How many times have you left a seminar or workshop with the very best intentions of doing things differently, only to go back to your busy life and find that nothing changes?
The theory might make perfect sense, but it’s only when it collides with reality that we truly learn.
We believe that effective training must include information, inspiration and implementation.
This is why we structure our performance training programs to include a number of different access points.
Workshops where we can bring theories of resilience, energy management and growth mindset to life in a lively and easy-to-understand way.
Combined with regular follow up nudges to re-present the same ideas in a way that can be immediately actioned.